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Hawt-E COWBOY alert - Erotic Bad Boys #3

Heartbreak Hotel ~ Chapter 1

Beware: Impending heartbreak for those who check-in

Welcome to our kick-off of an epic online novella writing adventure featuring seven authors over fourteen days. Each chapter is written by a different author and builds off the one before it, building one sexy and cohesive story for you! The climactic conclusion will post on Valentine's Day. We hope these fourteen days leading up to it fill you with a desire to love, play, and find passion with your sweetheart. 

Thank you to all seven authors for participating: Susan Arden, Shenoa Caroll-Bradd, Julianna Darling, Julie FarleyBecky Flade, Sheila Hall, and KN Lee

Chapter one was written by the author of sweet and spicy romances, Susan Arden.

Susan Arden Bio: A life based on the "what if" and wouldn't it be funny." Susan found the proverbial "door shut / window open" scenario and leaped into the realm of writing scorching romance across several genres including Western, paranormal, and multicultural. Susan first published in 2013 and now has eleven releases through both publishers and by self-publishing. A former teacher of special education and biology (and also a soccer and Special Olympics coach), Susan hopes to return to teaching and mentoring to share her love of writing. She relishes great lines, laughs, and people who are oddly refreshing. Seinfeld will always be her favorite show. She lives near Nashville with her husband and has college-aged girls along with a slew of animals ranging from furry to scaled. 

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Catlin Bowman smacked her palm against the back of the stapler. “Empty,” she muttered when the sign she’d been trying to hang draped sideways over the doorway. So much for making the Save the Pets charity dance look like it was something special. Catlin stepped down from the chair she stood on—not an easy task in stilettos—and curled a wisp of hair behind her ear. Crossing the hardwood floors of the lobby under miles of pink, white, and red crepe paper strung according to Ann’s instructions, she yanked open the drawer beneath the counter and hummed under her breath. She stared at the jumbled mess.
“Not here,” she said aloud on her hunt for staples. She knelt down, moving aside Pepper, a three-legged orange tabby nested on a shelf, and pulled open a cardboard storage box. Pepper rubbed up against Catlin, purring loudly. “Hold on, girl. You’re next on my list.”
 As the owner of the smallest hotel situated at the lowest point on Heartbreak Mountain, Ann had a knack for collecting things…lost keys, feral cats, and ex-husbands. It was the feral cats that had gotten out of control, so much so that Ann had been given a choice by the sheriff: get rid of every last cat or animal control would round the kitties up for euthanasia.
The front door chimed and Catlin smothered a groan. Dressed in a leopard-print costume, complete with pointy ears and whiskers, she was supposed to welcome the guests as well as inform the patrons of the dance tonight. How far I’ve come! She rolled her eyes. A postgraduate student at Colorado University, the writing of her dissertation was supposed to take six months while working here part-time. The free room and board had been the ticket to her accepting the job as hotel clerk, bellhop, bookkeeper…you name it. Piece of cake, leaving her plenty of time to organize her sociology research and type her dissertation. Christ, that had been eleven months ago.
Haphazardly, she stood on the pair of heels she’d borrowed from one of the ski instructors, and took a deep breath. Holy crap!
Who the heck was he? Lost Viking? Catlin gripped the counter as she stared across the lobby at a man dwarfing the doorway to the hotel. He had to be over six-feet tall, sporting a pair of broad-as-hell shoulders and just enough Swedish-Alpine good looks to cause an avalanche. He raised his eyebrows when he noticed her at the counter. Wearing sunglasses and a ski cap, he might not be all that and a bag of chips. She couldn’t get a feel for if he was truly gorgeous or just blessed with enough punch below the neck…oh heck, it really didn’t matter. The Viking pulled off his cap then raked his fingers through tousled blond hair, and it only got a whole shade more gorgeous.
His cell phone rang and he held it up to his square jaw, nodding. “No problems. Just getting directions,” he said in a deep voice that sent a chill up her spine. The Viking lowered his sunglasses and bam, their gazes connected. Catlin’s heart beat so freaking loud she blushed, certain the dude had to notice her discomfort. Not having had a date in forever, she wasn’t actually cool and collected with the opposite sex, and this man was definitely a prime example of the male species.
“Can I lick you?” she asked, then sputtered, “I mean help you.”  
“Excuse me?” He laughed, obviously amused.
Jeez, she should remove her five-inch stiletto and shove the thing into her mouth. “Do you need directions?”
He more than likely was looking for one of the chalets up the road. More often than not, she provided directions to lost skiers on their way up the mountain. What had Ann been thinking when she’d named this place Heartbreak Hotel? Sure, they had their fill of guests just by the nature of being on a pristine mountain, but they tended to get the cheap weirdo variety instead of the glamorous crowd the Viking more than likely traveled with. This place belonged beside the Karma CafĂ© and Hotel California in places not to visit. It lived up to its name perfectly. Countless arguments ensued between couples to the point that she’d begun to question whether it was cursed. Ann, herself, had a string of bad-luck marriages. No, if anything, this hotel should come with a warning to beware: impending heartbreak for those who check-in.
“I’m here for the photo shoot…Save the Pets,” he said, his gaze lowering from her face. It traveled downward and stopped, and then widened for a second before he quickly glanced upward and coughed. “You might want to fix your top.”
Surreptitiously, she peered down the front of her costume and noticed the bodice’s lace ties had come undone exposing an eyeful of her cleavage as if she was trying to get on a segment of Girls Gone Wild. Please, let the ground open up and swallow me! Catlin tugged the ties, cinching up the laces, then returned to stare at him and inhaled deeply, shaking her head. “Things get a bit undone around here.”
The Viking glanced at her for a beat then chuckled. “I’ve always loved a room with a spectacular view. That goes double for the lobby.”
* * *
God, what a beauty. Brent Hollins didn’t doubt the girl was blushing from the top of her head to the tips of her toes having given him a sight to behold. Damn, she was stacked with a rack that was meant to be savored, and one he knew damn well wasn’t the result of silicone. With an arched brow, she stared back at him with flashing dark eyes that held his attention. Something about her was remarkably refreshing. Different from the circles he’d traveled with for the last couple of years. Having gotten lost in the world of NASCAR racing, he’d had the pleasure of enough party bunnies to know a woman who was real versus one who was really good at faking. This young lady spiked his bloodstream with the urge to…hell, he didn’t even know, other than want to get her to keep talking.
“Are you checking in…here?” she asked in a bemused tone.
“Mrs. Tremont invited me for the weekend. I understand the area is hosting a charity event and I volunteered to offer my support. Haven’t been out this way in years and I could use the rest and relaxation.” In truth, he’d lost the last eight races; so dismal, he hadn’t even placed in the easy events. Last week, he wrecked his racecar so badly his sponsor refused to back him if he didn’t get his shit together and fast. He decided to stop indulging in the party scene and get himself clean and sober, back in shape for the start of the spring race circuit. “I understand the press is covering the event.”
“Press?” She stared back at him, unblinking, and shook her head. “There must be some mistake. This is it.” She lifted her hands, motioning in a circle to the room. “It’s really small. We’re doing a dance tonight where a local band is doing a couple of sets in the bar.”
“Maybe I should explain. I grew up here about a million years ago. Haven’t been back in forever. It’s my pleasure to help out, so no worries.” Christ, it had been forever if this was the level of woman who now inhabited this part of the world. When he’d left to race and travel, he’d sworn to his brother by the time he returned, the world would know his name. Apparently, that wasn’t true. Here he was, tail between his legs…
“Lord have mercy.” The familiar voice behind him raised a notch. “You’ve come back.”
He turned to meet the gaze of his brother. “Trent. Long time.”
“Not long enough,” he replied. “Or has the race world lost your interest, too?”
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